Our waterfowl chokes are made for those who like to shoot birds either close-up or over open water. These chokes work well with #2 to #4 steel shot. Our choke for quail hunters has approximately a 30" pattern in which at least 2 or 3 shot will hit the bird from 20 yards away. If you would rather have us build a custom choke for your shell and gun, we can also do that. 


Sporting Clays

Using input from master class shooters, we're able to offer sporting clay chokes in 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25. 

We have 2 chokes available: one with an even round pattern and one that gives a longer shot column. We've found that guns vary in their bores, such as O/U's that have bores that vary from top to bottom. If you can find out what the exact bore of your gun is, we can custom build a choke for it.

Our sporting clay chokes are offered for most of the guns sold here in the United States. Due to popular demand, we're adding chokes for Italian-made guns now.



Our turkey chokes are designed for the "lead is dead" guys all the way to the Hevi-Shot guys. These chokes come in a few different models. The lead shot chokes have kills all the way out to 45 yards with just your $13.00 box of magnum shells. For the Hevi-Shot shooters, we offer the chokes for both long and short-range situations.

For the 40-yard choke, our tests show that you need to shoot no closer than 40 yards.  A lot of hunters prefer this choke because they want to maximize the number of shot in a 10" circle. After a few shots, it's obvious that these chokes are shooting such a small pattern at close range that you are very likely to miss the bird.

By listening to the feedback from hunters like you, SumToy Customs has now developed a 30 to 40 yard choke. 40 yards is the limit for this particular choke.

We now offer some 20 gauge chokes that work well out to 40 yards. They work well with the new Federal FCW and Federal Heavy Weight shells. Birds have been killed out to 35 yards with Winchester Supreme #5's.

We're not as concerned about the number of shot in a 10" circle as the placement of the shot in a 10" circle. If there's a sudden movement either on your part or the turkey's, you can still hit the turkey. We understand that this is the ultimate goal of the hunter.


Choke Recommendations (PDF)

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