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Chokes and Barrels



Our waterfowl chokes are made for those who like to shoot birds either close-up or over open water. These chokes work well with #2 to #4 steel shot. Our choke for quail hunters has approximately a 30″ pattern in which at least 2 or 3 shot will hit the bird from 20 yards away. If you would rather have us build a custom choke for your shell and gun, we can also do that.

Sporting Clays

Using input from master class shooters, we’re able to offer sporting clay chokes in 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25.

We have 2 chokes available: one with an even round pattern and one that gives a longer shot column. We’ve found that guns vary in their bores, such as O/U’s that have bores that vary from top to bottom. If you can find out what the exact bore of your gun is, we can custom-build a choke for it.

Our sporting clay chokes are offered for most of the guns sold here in the United States. Due to popular demand, we’re adding chokes for Italian-made guns now.


Our turkey chokes are designed for the “lead is dead” guys to the Hevi-Shot guys. These chokes come in a few different models. The lead shot chokes have kills out to 45 yards with just your $13.00 box of magnum shells. For the Hevi-Shot shooters, we offer the chokes for both long and short-range situations.

For the 40-yard choke, our tests show that you need to shoot no closer than 40 yards. A lot of hunters prefer this choke because they want to maximize the number of shot in a 10″ circle. After a few shots, it’s obvious that these chokes are shooting such a small pattern at close range that you are very likely to miss the bird.

By listening to the feedback from hunters like you, SumToy Customs has now developed a 30 to 40-yard choke. 40 yards is the limit for this particular choke.
We now offer some 20 gauge chokes that work well out to 40 yards. They work well with the new Federal FCW and Federal Heavy Weight shells. Birds have been killed out to 35 yards with Winchester Supreme #5’s.

We’re not as concerned about the number of shot in a 10″ circle as the placement of the shot in a 10″ circle. If there’s a sudden movement either on your part or the turkey’s, you can still hit the turkey. We understand that this is the ultimate goal of the hunter.

Choke Recommendations (PDF)
(Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.)


SumToy Custom Barrels has been building Card Shooting and Turkey Shoot barrels for years. We take your stock barrel, rechamber it, and choke it to sneak in the local shoots with an advantage.

When we rechamber your barrel, we bring it back to a matched chamber that will improve the patterns and consistency of the gun. We fit the chamber to the shell to remove the slop so that the shell can’t move around in the chamber. It will shave the wad as it goes into the barrel’s bore to seal it up.

A step up from that is a complete turned-down barrel that looks like a stock barrel. It is a 1″ barrel that we turn down to 7/8″ so that you can get the performance of a built barrel, but it looks like a stock barrel. We offer these barrels to 36″ long with drop-in or screw-in chokes. They can be put on any shotgun on the market.

Drop-in chokes slide down in the barrel and have a nut that holds them in place (12 gauge or 20 gauge). Screw-in chokes are your typical chokes (Browning Plus, Remington, Winchester, and Tru-Choke in 12 gauge and Tru-Choke in 20 gauge).

We also build 1 x 36 drop-in choke barrels to fit 20 gauge and 16 gauge. They use the same technology as the 12-gauge choke barrels.

We can make up to a 2″ barrel 36″ long for the outlaw shoots. They can be fitted to bolt action shotguns (Savage and Marlins). Outlaw Bolt guns have 1-1/4″ x 36″ barrels with custom bores and chambers. Drop-in chokes are set up for the shell and shoot. They’re fitted and bedded in a custom bench rest stock with the bi-pods and rear adjuster. Most of these come in at 20 to 30 lbs. depending on whether you have the lead in or out.

We can fit your pump gun or bolt gun with bi-pods and rear adjusters. We build the aluminum plates and bi-pods in 1/2″ or 1″ thicknesses. We recommend staying with 1-1/4″ or smaller pump guns.

We have custom target chokes with wad-controlling technology. If you’ve ever shot your gun at a big target and it looked like a donut (a hole in the center of the target), it comes from the wad bumping or blowing the center out of the pattern. We have a system that is designed around a shell to give you the best patterns possible. We pull the wad from the shot column so that it doesn’t get disturbed. Using an ant bed as an example, if you bump one, the others are everywhere.